“There is no greater power than our truths. Once we accept ourselves and share our truths we are encouraging and supporting others to seek their truths as well. Now that I know my truth, I am making myself available to support, encourage, and facilitate others to write and publish their own.”


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Aleisha Antoinette


Aleisha Antoinette Steele is an author, editor, and publisher from a small town called Brooklyn IL, but grew up in St. Louis, MO. Aleisha was raised by both parents and is the youngest of five children. After high school, Aleisha attended Columbia College Chicago before deciding to pursue her dreams of writing. Aleisha has always had an affinity for creative writing and has always kept a journal nearby. In August of 2018, Aleisha wrote and published her very own personal and powerful memoir, A Butterfly’s Touch. Since its’ release, Aleisha has founded Steele Publishing LLC in which she assists writers, readers, and creatives with her author coaching, editing, and publishing services. Involved in multiple endeavors, she prides herself in her work throughout the community as an active member and affiliate of various foundations and organizations. Bold and unapologetic, Aleisha is redefining her path to womanhood, entrepreneurship, identity, writing, and much more.